Now's Our Chance to 
Get Environmental Reviews Right

Let's make sure laws for approving mines, roads and pipelines are strong and fair


The federal government has committed to adopting a better evidence-based environmental assessment law in Canada. That means a new law for reviewing mines, roads and pipelines and other projects that impact the environment.

We need a stronger, fairer assessment law that requires using the best available science and knowledge; respects Indigenous rights and authority; and protects nature, communities and the economy for generations to come. 

This is a once-in-a-generation chance to achieve a legacy law that Canadians can be proud of. Let's get it right!

Today, we are scrambling to help caribou populations recover across much of the southern boreal region in Canada because we failed to consider cumulative impacts.

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Under current laws, decisions to build new roads, mines, transmission lines or dams in Ontario’s northern boreal forest will not take into account the combined impact of multiple developments on one of the world’s greatest intact forest regions.

And despite repeated calls for a new regionally focused approach to making decisions about if and when new mines or other developments should be built in this region, there is simply the usual piecemeal project-focused planning processes underway.

In areas further south, this kind of short-sighted planning has already led to an uncertain future for species such as caribou that have seen intact habitat areas carved up into smaller and smaller pieces by one development decision after another.

Getting it right in Ontario’s globally important Far North

Tell your MP they’ll get it right when Canadian environmental reviews:


Work to achieve sustainability for both the environment and human well-being

In June 2016, the government announced a sweeping review of federal environmental laws including Canada's environmental assessment (EA) law, the Fisheries Act, Navigation Protection Act and the National Energy Board.

This is a unique, once-in-a-generation opportunity for you to help improve the laws that protect our land, air and water and ensure they help Canada address climate change and meet its Paris Agreement commitments.

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Environmental Law Reform. Let’s Get it Right!

Today, we are scrambling to help caribou populations recover across much of the southern boreal region in Canada because we failed to consider cumulative impacts.

We need a new approach – one that looks at the big picture of what it will take to preserve species such as caribou while providing truly sustainable opportunities for the many remote First Nation communities in this region before governments start handing out permits for individual projects.

A stronger federal law that clearly requires evidence-based decision making, could help ensure we embrace modern region-wide planning approaches for this area and can help ensure species like caribou do not find themselves with nowhere left to stand.

Assess the cumulative impacts of development projects in a region and facilitates regional planning processes

Advance reconciliation and co-governance with Indigenous peoples

Align with Paris Agreement climate commitments

Are transparent, accountable, evidence-based and include meaningful public participation

Ensure more projects get assessed

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